Benjamin Britten         Fanfare for St. Edmundsbury
William Byrd         Earl of Oxford’s March 
Anton Reicha         Three Trios from Op. 82
Francis Poulenc         Sonata for Horn, Trumpet, and Trombone
Archangelo Corelli         Sonata No. 1 Op. 3  
Malcolm Arnold         Three Shanties
David Sampson         “Reflection” from Duncan Trio
J. S. Bach         My Spirit Be Joyful
Traditional         Just a Closer Walk with Thee



The open air evening concert in the field of Westacres on July 23rd was a success: the music was beautiful, the weather couldn't have been more cooperative... it was a pleasant and mind-nourishing evening.

We are happy to announce another outside concert in the field, on Saturday AUGUST 21st at 6.45 pm with the Vancouver brass group ONETOOTRIO and Friends

Katherine Evans - trumpet
Vince Vohradsky - trumpet
Valerie Whitney - horn
Jeremy Berkman - trombone
Peder Maclellan - tuba

Admission $30. For reservation call Josine at 604 467-3162
Bring your own lawn chair. Refreshments after the concert




Marea Chernoff, oboe and english horn
Christopher Lee, clarinet
Colin MacDonald, soprano and alto saxophone
Olivia Martin, bassoon
AK Coope, bass clarinet

Jean-Philippe Rameau            “La Poule”

Bill Douglas                             “Folk Song” 

David Lang                              “breathless”

Matthew Welch                        “Shapeshifter Dialogues”

George Gershwin                    “An American in Paris”

Mariano Mores                        “Cuartito Azul”



Dear friends of Westacres Music:

It has been a long time since we were able to present a concert at Westacres. Last summer we enjoyed an outside hour of music in July. Good news: another concert in the field is scheduled for FRIDAY JULY 23, at 7.30 pm. 

Following the safety rules, we can accommodate 45 listeners ( + 5 musicians makes the allowed 50 people). Please reserve your tickets at $30 each, as soon as possible, by replying to this e-mail or by phoning 604-467-3162. 

Bring your own lawn chair and if it is sunny, which we of course hope for, bring an umbrella for shade. Like last year, there will be no intermission and the concert will last around 1 hour. 


Westacres has always been, for almost 40 years, a welcoming home for classical-music lovers and musicians alike. Unfortunately, that has to change. The License Dept. of the City of Maple Ridge has decided that our house doesn't have the required safety for public gatherings. 

We were of course devastated by this message but out of the ashes, like a phoenix, we will rise and shine. This is what has been decided by our committee: (1) We are now an officially registered Society with a working Board of Directors, comprising of our current committee members. (2) There will be an Annual General Meeting where directors can be re-elected or replaced. (3) The current Artistic Director is Josine Eikelenboom, the Assistant Artistic Director is Arianna Ervin.

Concerts will be held in local churches, depending on the kind of musical group being presented. 

Our choice fell on St. Paul's Lutheran church on Laity St. for chamber music. It has a beautiful, but small grand piano, perfect for the purpose. There is easy access to general space for the intermission and ample parking.

For a chamber orchestra we chose St. George Anglican Church which is a sunny, pleasant venue, again with many parking places and a spacious general area. We are still considering where and how to present a solo pianist, since a top standard  Steinway grand piano is required. But we will find a solution for that too.

I trust you will be as excited as we are about the future of the Music Society. Maple Ridge is a growing community, and deserves a musical organisation like ours. 

Please let your likeminded friends know. We have to build up again, and we count on your support!

With best regards,


Josine Eikelenboom

Artistic Director, Maple Ridge Music Society


Renoir Trio -- 25 October

The Maple Ridge Music Society is going to stage a mini-concert on October 25, a Sunday afternoon. 3:00 PM. 

The performers, young musicians from Vancouver, are: 

Luci Barz - violin

Aslan Aslanov - piano

Judy Lou - cello  

  • Beethoven: Piano trio in C minor, op 1 nr. 3 
  • Kreisler Liebesleid: Violin and piano 
  • Shostakovich: Piano Trio nr. 2 in E minor 

It will be a one-hour event with only a few moments half way for stretching and letting in fresh air. The audience, wearing a mask during the concert, will enter one by one (or two by two) to be shown to their dedicated seat(s). Click here for Covid19 precautions taken. 


Sunday, 19 July at 7 pm

The brass quintet of Katherine Evans and Friends

The weather forecast for coming Sunday looks good, and when it really remains dry, we will have our LIVE concert on Sunday July 19 at 7:00 pm.

The concert will take about one hour. Click here for the programLET THERE BE MUSIC!

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the concert. Notice we changed starting time from 8 pm to 7 pm.

Please wear a mask when entering the field. You may remove it once you are seated, if you wish, but please put it on again while leaving.

At the entrance of the field there will be a table where you can leave your entrance fee - if applicable - by cheque or the exact amount of $25. 

You are required to sign a waiver to agree that the Maple Ridge Music Society will not take responsibility for any infection with Covid-19 or otherwise.  

We will have hand sanitizer ready on the table. 

A volunteer will assist you in finding a place, but please bring your own chair. 

Maybe you want to bring an umbrella against the sun, or...to fence off the rain!

There will be no intermission or refreshments, but there will be music and nature all around. Enjoy!

We look forward to welcome you.

Josine -- Maple Ridge Music Society